The Cold

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It is cold
The wind penetrates
Deep into
The muscle and bone
When it penetrates the heart
All is lost
Clothe your heart in Faith
Swaddle your heart in Love
Stoke the fire within it
So that Hope may survive.

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The birds do not care
About politics
Nor about the constructs
Of man
They know they are protected

The lilies of the field
Likewise know
They are clothed and sway
In gentle summer’s breeze
Before they go Into death by snow

So why man do you worry
About the theater you’ve created
Or the constructs you’ve made
Your doing
Your nature undone

Live once again
Within the care of the Father
Like the birds
Your protection found

Clothe your self in His light
Feel once again Summer’s gentle breeze
In freedom not bound
By your folly

The birds do not care
Nor shall I
About the future
Or what I shall wear

My soul shall walk In freedom
In summer’s gentle breeze
Like the lilies in the field
And the birds in the trees

When I slip into night
At the end of my life
I will bring with me not
The chains of my sin

I will carry the joy
Of good nature’s grace
When I’ll meet pure Truth
At life’s last garden gate

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In the darkness
I awoke and saw
The crescent moon
Up so high
In the morning sky

Her light gave path
Into a tree
Where a robin perched
A shadow small
Her mating call


In the darknessI awoke and heard
The herald of the Spring
As the old moon dies
New life will rise

It is the sign of hope
For through the death
Which winter brings
As does life
Her sufferings


Life begins anew
So weep no more
My brothers and sisters
Winter is now passed
Clothe yourself within the light
Your suffering does not last


The crescent moon
And robin’s song

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The Super Moon

The Super Moon in the Night
Perfect round
Reflected light
Blinded those
Within the dark

Cats meowed and dogs did bark
What message with it
Does heaven bring
Man must hear
When creatures sing
Within the dark
He ought not fear

The light
Always was
And always will be
So that the blind
May begin to see

Will you in darkness continue dwell
Or will you bathe within the light
Cured of blindness and your fright

Look up Oh man and see
Your life within eternity
You are free, a man, not a slave
To choose your dwelling place

Be not afraid to chose the light
Put your fear filled pride to flight~the grave
In the strength of humility walk

Perfect round
Reflected light
The mirror of a circled life

From the morning of your conception
Until the grave when your soul takes flight
And flees man’s greatest deception
The darkness of Oblivion

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A Widow’s Valentine Memory

That day I put my arms around you
Like so many times before
This time to lift you up
For your legs refused to carry you anymore

The spirit of my strength failed
And before you in that chair
I knelt and placed my head into your lap
I cried as you gently stroked my hair

I knew how much I loved you then
More than any other time
I looked up into your eyes
So gentle and so kind

Your gaze spoke a thousand words
It set my spirit free
As my tears flowed gently down you said
We will meet again, my love, within eternity.

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A Portent for the Upside Downers

I could not believe my eyes
When to my surprise
On this day of snow and cold
A robin appeared
Fearless and bold

As I approached her this January day
She stood her ground
And refused to fly away
She calmly ate her juniper feast
Without a care not in the least

I asked this bird “what are you doing here?”
It is still winter and Spring’s not near.
She blinked her eye
Then looked up at me
And said “All is upside down you see”

“I am here on this winter’s day
To give you hope and this I pray
That you will write a poem about me
So that your friends and all may see
That what is now won’t last for long
I will be back to sing my song

The upside downers who dictate now
Will disappear As Spring draws near
They will face the truth and reality
Confusion conquered for you and me

For within God’s nature
And within His plan
For the good woman and the good man
Right will be right again
Wrong will be wrong
I too will be back to sing my song

And just that quick
Robin flew into the sky
Singing “May your spirit live
And never die”

Artist Jean Walker “A Robin in Snow”

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Life is listening to the sea
Through the shell of one who lived
Now dead

Life is seeing the colors rich
Folded over and under and over

Life is a mixing of the old and the new
Times rusted, times gleaming
Both remembered

Life is knowing that time is short
Minutes kept in the heart’s tic tok
Silenced finally

Life then continues
Far beyond
Floating free above
What is known


*artist Edward Szutter

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Once upon a time…
Bedtime was a crime
But now
When bones are old
And feet are cold
The whole body nearly weary
Bedtime is a cherished thing
And not so nearly dreary

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Enter into life’s twilight room
All is candlelit and veiled
There are no edges sharp
Only soft blurred folds of cloth

The day flies overhead
Sunrise and sunset
Light and darkness
Wed within a short-lived marriage

May through December passes
Within an eye’s blink
Nerey time enough to shed a tear
Nor to remove a gardener’s glove

With simple things ~a cup of tea
Strong, milked, and sugared
Within a soft cushioned chair
A good mystery read over and over again

I willingly entered into life’s twilight room
The candlelight softens my edges
With each quickly passing day
The anticipation of the next sunrise
Brings me Hope and gratitude
The sweet comfort of my cup of tea
Warm’s my wounded heart

It is only within the twilight of life that
Shapelessness, sleeplessness
Confusion and forgetfulness
Are a welcomed relief
A fitting closure
An appreciation
Of a life well lived

Artwork: John Currin

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Childhood Remembered

Remembering Childhood

We rode high
Upon our magic carpets
Sailing through the parlor’s hall
We touched our paper ceilings
In those days fifteen feet or so tall

We danced
Among the vapors
Of our imagined friends
Dragons of our castles and
The angels whom God to us did send

Our feet hung
Well above the ground
Freedom filled our day
Older now, within life’s twilight
Children again we find the way.

Our old minds fly
Upon our magic carpets
We sail again through our confinement
We touch the floor of eternity
And await our just assignment

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